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“Miss, I want you dead, I’m dead you have to worry about.” Linger mouth murmuring excitedly language not a sentence, sobbing softly.
“Well, it’s not coming back? You see me have a good ah.” Dream Lin eyes moist, although she and Linger is a master and servant, but their feelings have been better than the sisters.

worry and leave
many days, meet again happiness is unavailable language to express.
Interfax-day master and servant silently watching two people, a smile on his lips.
Linger what to think, from the arms of her dream to climb up the forest, wiping a tear: “Miss, Linger not trouble you, you go see the prince of it,cheap canada goose, he must be worried sick. “
dream forest tearful smile, she turned to the Interfax days.
Interfax-day busy schedule, his face covered with dust, a significant weight loss of face, sunken eyes, deep and bright, clear and pure.
Dream Lin hearts shock a little, thin Interfax day more like Xu night, the only difference is that the crystal of the eyes.
really are two different people! ! Her inner heart a bit.
“Yun Jiao.” Interfax-day low Huanliaoyisheng, some moist eyes.
“sky brother.” Dream Lin also cried.
Interfax day dream forest approached and grabbed her hands, looked carefully at her.
tender as ever, fresh and pleasant, that dream is still lingering in people.
“These days I’m worried sick, and if we do not see you, I’m really mad!”
Interfax days whisper.
Dream Lin nodded and sighed softly: “I’m fine Skylight brother worry..”
“Yun Jiao, why do not you happy?” Interfax-day sensitive hearts feel the dream forest hidden mind.
dream forest red eyes for a moment: “sky brother, now the national crisis, you can help cool rhyme nation?”
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dream forest anxious face, face fears, she filled in his heart at the moment are worrying about, the emperor’s concern for the father and brother of care, cold Che concerns in national affairs anxiety.
Interfax pamper day watching a dream forest, he gently came up, pulled Yun Jiao hand: “Yun Jiao, you are assured that your country is my country, you are worried about is what I worried about everything, life is so. “
grateful tears streaming from the eyes out of a dream forest, Interfax days — to love never regrets! !
Interfax-day warm palm on the cheek ask dream forest, gently wipe the tears dream forest.
misty eyes, the dream of gazing at this forest has long puzzled her face, and his love is so hot,canada goose jackets, his face was so vivid.
but that facial features, facial features that are so familiar, he was the most painful memories of her past lives.
dream forest sigh.
Interfax-day heart and a bit tight, dream forest every time a closer look at him, always accompanied by pain and grief.
Why? Eternal mystery! ! His heart hurts!
can do is love her, touched her, and help her untie the knot! !
Interfax day sip moving his lips, shook his straining under forest dream hand: “Yun Jiao, I went to the palace to make me a force to protect all the people you care, even if I die, will be doing full!! you take care of yourself. “
dream forest tears streaming out: “I worry about the emperor, fearing his father, worried about his brother, as well as cold Che.”
“rest assured that everything will be over.” Interfax-day cheerful lovingly stroked the hair a little dream forest, he decided to turn around.
“Tiger days.” loud call.
“What the prince commanded?”
“You stay in the government effort to protect the prime minister Yun Jiao, and not appear the slightest mistake!” Interfax days majesty commands.
“, the prince.” Tiger days hesitate to answer a cry.
Interfax day eyed, he lookin affectionate, and looked back at the dream forest look, and went out big step. Lin sudden heart Jiutong
dream a little, she felt a sense of loss overflowing mind.
why today’s feel so confused?
driven by a strong desire to trot with her out, she can not help but cry out: “sky brother, you have to take care ah.”
sunlight, Interfax-day look back, bright white teeth, extremely bright, thick and black eyes like reaching full sweetly.
dream churning inside the forest, she first felt, Interfax day though night is promised, but they very different, the difference in their eyes, one is obscene greed, one is clear and bright.
Interfax day against the Dream Lin smiled: “Do not worry, Yun Jiao.” And he did not hesitate to front door, turning launched, galloped away toward the palace.
dream forest in front of the hospital long standing, staring into the distance, a anxious heart has been led into the distance.
“Miss, go back to it.” Linger reminder dream forest.
Dream Lin nodded, she turned back to the hospital, to his love wind rain walked five Tiger Generals inseparable walking behind her. Love the
rain wind quiet, dream 林静静 sitting at the table, the hearts are still uneasiness, anxiety.
she stood up, walked silently in front Qintai dough refers to diffuse pick, sentimental music pouring out:
love too easily visible scars, love it too true devotion, fold one thousand pairs of one thousand one thousand paper  S knot mood, can meet the legendary heart to heart. nights sleep, past flickering. heart pain you deeper and deeper, folding a thousand of the paper  S, solution thousand wishes, after the wake, Love is not
in wandering and my heart does not regret it, fold folded stack also to you, my tears endless burden entangled in a dream the night, my heart does not regret ……
song full of pathos, plaintive melody, people listened tempted moved.
Linger silently stood by her skill, mesmerized intoxicated —
Suddenly, treble blows, I heard the sound of breaking clear of the metal, a sudden rush of strings and broken! !
air was filled with the sound of the clank of metal fracture! !

“Miss!!” Linger screamed, she bit rushed over.
face covered with tears dream forest, his face pale, her delicate and exquisite finger right on the oozing red bloodshot! !
Dream Lin put a finger on his lips ** for a moment, the strings break for no reason, often suggesting an ill omen, she felt restless and more intense, always hitting the heart.
what really tragic thing to happen?
The Omen in the end who will be fulfilled in the body: Cold Che – Interfax day – the emperor – and fathers — or your own —
dream forest affectionate awe-inspiring to stand up, if they can use all their sacrifices and peace, she wants! !
because she was not originally part of this century through the life she has won a luxury.
Moreover, she also met her Xinjing Moving these people! !
everything has to meet! !
dream forest smile again, she cried on the outside shouted: “!! days Tiger”
day tiger ran in tense: “Cloud Flirt, what do you tell?”
dream decisive Lin said: “You sent me to the cold jade palace, I’m going to exchange for the emperor.” She’s decisive and firm tone, without the slightest hesitation.
“cloud Flirt, you can not do ah.” Day tiger excited.
“Miss, this can not be.” Linger a hold of her.
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dark night of trick

dream Lin said firmly: “Cold Jade Emperor was to catch with my swap, I can exchange opinions emperor back.”
day Tiger anxious, he was afraid the dream forest bent.
“Miss, now the palace crisis, the prince and princes they have busy, and if you re an accident, sudden death of their will.”
Dream Lin insisted and said:. “cold jade has been said, if I exchanged the emperor, he can put the emperor back.”
“Miss, his aim is the emperor’s position, so he is deceiving people, is to make you hurt, upset the princes and the prince’s plan.”
dream Lin thought, remark really makes sense, she sighed, not saying anything.
go to the palace of the people has not come back, dream forest anxious, she anxiously awaits news of the palace.
sun sets and gradually, as the sky cast a faint afterglow, the entire Xiangfu exceptionally quiet.
Xiangfu a luxurious courtyard, written on the door three elegant characters: Falling Yunxuan. Here is the fire Mengjiao
other homes.
dinner fire Mengjiao are inclined bed sleepy, a little servant girl standing beside her, gently shake folding.
Interfax days since the last election Princess in the cold, she has been brooding, more hatred dream forest.
Yun Jiao heard that a few days back, she had been wondering how to humiliate Yun Jiao once to vent my hate.
think Huoyun Johnson, her heart is particularly tangled, do not know her like that wretched what good men are like around her.
grew more and more angry, write her mouth moving about, swore bitterly: “Fire Dragon Jiao, irreconcilable me and you, I do not kill you dogged.”
eyes suddenly opened his eyes and some fierce.
shaking the hand of a scared little maidservants, fans sided, look across the fire Mengjiao face.
fire Mengjiao eyes wide open, face anger, a hit in the mouth a little maid’s face.
her teeth scolded: “You ungrateful Xiao Tizi, are not you going to murder the eldest of these slut wants to bully me, today I want your pathetic life!.”
little maidservants whole body shake, scared about knees on the ground:. “Miss, I did not mean, you give me a break.”
fire Mengjiao look Shaikang kneeling little girl, her scowl and more intense.
a bedside grabbed one from Ruyi, straining the little girl’s head and threw it.
only heard muffled thud Ruyi crashed broken little girl’s forehead suddenly cross the blood stream, flowing down along the cheek.
little servant girl’s face was covered in blood, Shaikang as twitching.
fire Mengjiao not the slightest compassion, she is still the face of anger, pointing to the little girl shouted:. “Damn Xiao Tizi less to do in here and feel like, get out fast.”
little maidservants immediately got up, hand over his wound ran out. Needless
fire Mengjiao anger, bite curse:. “Damn Huoyun Johnson, you are the broom star, since you pathetic life die, I have been unlucky, I had the opportunity to see some good revenge.”
night is getting stronger, great anger Huoyun Johnson, she thought plan in my mind, thinking about how revenge dream forest, while sleepy hit, she stumbled sleep.
yard Stiller, a shadow falls quietly sneaked into Yunxuan, shadows look around and no one, he went to the next one caught fire Mengjiao Boudoir, everything here seems to be very familiar with the environment.
he came to the attic, and walked straight in front of the house fire Mengjiao gently push the door, he walked in and went inside.
bed, fire Mengjiao clothes and sleep, his brow tightly Zhou Zhao, his face wearing a deep sense of hatred.

ghostly shadows smile, he put his hand over the fire Mengjiao mouth, then whispered call:. “Mengjiao”
sleepy Mengjiao was a burst of fire suddenly awakened oppressed, all her drowsiness disappears, what awakened.
a black figure standing by her bed, she wanted to shout, but the mouth has been blocked sternly.
“woo woo —- —- woo —” fire Mengjiao whispered a few sobs.
shadow Fu Xiashen come softly called out: “Cousin, you do not say anything, the world is my cousin text!.”
fire Mengjiao stared, carefully watched the moonlight, standing in his bed really is the face of evil in the world culture! !
she opened the world to reach the text big hands, straining to catch their breath a couple: “?? how come you’re not in jail yet” fire Mengjiao surprised asked.
world culture sly smile, low voice said: “I entered the prison soon, my aunt would spend the Trustee with death changed out, she told me to run away, not allowed to appear in the Imperial City, I was afraid to find, so never showed up. “
“Oh, this is so, then how do you go again the government of prime minister?” fire Mengjiao understood why.
“Well, I hate that damn cloud and fire Jiao Zheng, has been in the dark looking for the opportunity to take revenge, so we did not leave.” world culture teeth.
his words about the fire Mengjiao touched a sore spot, she bitterly scolded: “Fire Dragon Johnson, I hate her.”
world Wen vicious smile: “Cousin, now is the chance to avenge someone hijacked her heavily commissioned me!!!!”
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night, the fire Mengjiao issued a ghostly laughter: “Damn Huoyun Johnson, I can finally take revenge.” voice with a hint of cruelty.
“Yes, this time we can take out of a foul smells.” Wen sound Yinzhi world, evil sound sinister.
“Cousin, Yun Jiao other homes guarded by a lot of people, we discuss how we can catch her.” Mengjiao fire and put his head to the world culture conspire together, two people whispering together.
. . . . . .
dawn comes, dream forest wake up early.
palace without the slightest news, but we have not come back one night, the dream has been worried worries the forest.
this concern more intense, stirring her heart.
she Yiyewumian! !
very severe head pain, eye swelling up.
“Miss, you up so early? you look at your eyes are red, did not sleep last night is not good?” Linger holding basin came in, she looked carefully about the dream forest, found her swollen eyes, she looked a bit worried.
dream forest by the press of pain forehead, nodded: “Yes ah, the night did not sleep last night, one with closed eyes is a very tragic scene.”
Linger first time I saw such anxiety lady, she sighed comfort: “Miss Do not worry, the princes, the prince, the prime minister, the young master will come back safely.”
Dream Lin nodded, her heart praying for them.
cleaned up, easy to eat a little breakfast, dream forest out of the room, stand in the yard outing.
Five Tiger Generals inseparable followed her, afraid of what the dream forest unexpected.
far while Huanpei jingle, fire Mengjiao with two maidservants hurried along.
dream forest to see her, feel frowned, she hated her sister from the heart, and therefore very little back to the House after her dealings.
Mengjiao catch fire into the yard, panting, perspiring, galloping straight to rain love the wind.
days tiger saw her dream to be close to the forest, step across in the past, in front of the fire Mengjiao blocked:? “You are not allowed to be close to what people miss.”
dream forest fire Mengjiao look up, softly calling out: “Sister, I’m in a hurry to find you.”
day dream tiger looked back at the forest, waiting to listen to her commands.
Dream Lin nodded: “She is my sister, let her come.” After all, their sisters, there is no reason to refuse her door, but the hearts of her dreams forest there grudges, so extraordinarily tense.
Mengjiao short cross to the front of the fire forest dream, a dream she grabbed the hand of the forest: “! sister, Erniang just fainted.”
“mother fainted?” Dream Lin surprised cry, though Erniang cloud Johnson’s mother, Lin has always been a dream and she is not very affectionate, but Johnson’s own cloud borrowed body, can not be indifferent to hear this news The.
“Yes, ah, she was also vomiting blood, already dying.” fire Mengjiao cheeky Jizao: “My father and brother are not at home, my mother and I were scared and did not know how to do, I come looking for you of. “
saw a forest fire Mengjiao dream, she looks anxious not to be fitted out, the mother was sick

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Gonghao Wei pat Duff’s head, laugh really happy, it seems extremely proud of the same.

glance 龚浩维 smile, 龚浩佳 for Duff laughs, “It does not matter, eat, refrigerator as well as ice cream,canada goose outlet, will be eating together.”

looked as silly smile off with a small no two freshman, 龚浩佳 once again convinced that his brother is considered to be good in the past few days with Duff came to play, otherwise cola or ice cream will not appear in the their home refrigerator.

Gonghao Jia thought about complaining brother told him nothing, but he think, with the idea of ​​his heart, if he knew the words before, Gonghao Jia will not be allowed.

and look at the dogs eat the same villain with children, 龚浩佳 to Duff straight from do not like the feeling, to the extent of a few favorite.

face is red white sauce, as well as a table of bread crumbs, a table of random things that did not make Gonghao Jia impatient, only that he was interesting.

because only spend fifteen minutes after eating a plate of spaghetti two, three pieces of bread and a plate of salad Davidoff see their desktop get dirty when I felt helpless, but also secretly glance 龚浩佳 look, it is really cute.

Gonghao Wei Duff’s eyes looked down and saw a look of Rao Fuxing taste Gonghao Jia,cheap canada goose, he knew his brother would not like Duff, his happy smile on Duff said, “Never mind, my brother will be for You pick up. “

Duff nodded hesitantly, before continuing his food and drink.

he did not really eaten anything good or satiety things, he ate a lot, does not survive in soon came to a halt, but also swept the majority of the things on the table.

He just sat obediently after
seat, one hand holding ice cream in one hand and Coke. When was eating ice cream, is not willing to put down the cans,canada goose jackets, as if afraid someone took him the same.

Gonghao Wei seems nanny like to eat on his pipe tube and drink, but also do handy, do not do anything bad. Gonghao Jia can only lament his brother behind him and this kid fared much.

龚浩佳 feel a bit like a certain father’s house, looked at his wife and adult son and would happily satisfied look.

He shook his head, so the idea can not let his brother know, otherwise …… he might be a month of abstinence! How dreadful!

He looked down and to take care of and eat slowly because of Gonghao Wei said, “You eat and Davidoff play! me to clean up just fine.”

“well, I rented a Disney movie back, intentions and Duff watching it!” Gonghao Wei smile seemed overjoyed same.

Gonghao Jia was in turn the eye, he knew! Duff and his brother would play as one, thought to help him what, alas! Really low his position.

clean up the mood, obediently to his lover and small guest services in the kitchen Gonghao Jia heard from the hall came the sound of laughter and barking. Gonghao Jia frown, what cartoon?

he went out to look, is the story of Dalmatians, those cute puppies and really a bit like Davidoff.

watched two cartoons, Gonghao Wei natural leaning Gonghao Jia’s arms and Duff playing card games.

an entire afternoon, Gong’s brother and children play together on some small stuff when playing, laughing bitterly, in the end, Duff afraid of life and 龚浩佳 jinks, fights happen in a small child’s living room.

panting and a small locker under the orders 龚浩维 home, stroll to the nearby park the next, and then to a small store to buy a bunch of new clothes and snacks. Holding bags of food, wearing new clothes Davidoff no very pleased expression, there is no tension while watching the cartoon face, smile away, walking slowly, step by step.

three of them went back to the orphanage, they give up a lot, but not buried like mood.

at the door, squat body and Duff Gonghao Wei Qi Gao, he whispered to Duff said, “Today happy?”

Duff nodded, hand grasp his clothes.

“next time and play with my brother, okay?” Gonghao Wei asked, my heart is sad.

Duff and nodded, he vigorously, fixed eyes looking Gonghao Wei, also take a look not speak Gonghao Jia.

Gonghao Jia patted Duff’s head, and said to him, “Do not waste a person went to the yard to play, and I Wei Gege free to explore the orphanage you, okay?”

Duff like a long time before slowly nodded.

Duff walked around from 龚浩维 stood beside the president, a step back, eyes full of sadness, but his mouth did not say it, just staring at their watch, the last before the big door, waved to them force give up.

heart feel something stirring, 龚浩维 and 龚浩佳 heart is heavy, on the way home did not say anything, walking the streets at dusk.

walked Gonghao Wei speak, “Davidoff good now! I do not want to suddenly adopt him, just trying to slowly build a relationship with him, and he re-development of family relationships, so do not you?”

Gonghao Jia did not answer, but in Shensi something.

Gonghao Jia did not say against it, but it did not say if he is permitted to adopt Duff, just let Gonghao Wei on one side was dying.

Gonghao Wei did not give up, he was just on the side of the pillow talk Gonghao Jia, said he liked how Duff, Duff said how cute he was, talk that seems bedside lullaby as Gonghao Jia do not want to know how to count halted say.

live this day, Gonghao Jia only the Xinyi Heng, turned his head, kissed fiercely chatter Gonghao Wei, unable to say, “What do you want? you said so many times, that so many words, but also Duff wants to stay together! but you understand …… “

“I understand the actual situation, but you can not say that our future with him ah!

I …… “Gonghao Wei frowned and muttered,” just want to get your approval. “

Gonghao Jia grabbed Gonghao Wei’s body, he whispered, “I did not stop you and Davidoff between ah! every single week he is not also come to our house?”

“But …… I’m still worried.” Gonghao Wei think, or feel is not enough, one week and Duff see one, for him and Gonghao Jia build relationships and meet time, too little.

“He is not, and we kissed a lot? least start up and we play crazy.” Gonghao Jia thought, just smile, said, “last week, and he is not just a game we play hide and seek, hide We find also found, hid in the case we are looking for the police help? “

“But ……” Gonghao Wei Gonghao Jia He just wanted a word of it! He promised to adopt Duff then in a year or two later, he would not say anything, do not worry about anything.

“Hush! Do not say anything, I have the considerations.” Gonghao Jia and kissed Gonghao Wei bow mouth, he simply said good night, went to sleep.

Gonghao Wei shut our eyes to see a man that he had with him, like sleep. His heart was not really understand these things can change in one moment, but ……

龚浩维 orphanage familiar with the president, when he have the money, we will give the President what to do for the orphanage, but Duff’s sake, Gonghao Wei himself as he would get together. His frugal eating frugal wear, just to this orphanage, in order to be able to take care of Davidoff.

because the orphanage is good, because he was not a bad look, it is believed that he was president, as long as not too far, basically, he will obey Gonghao Wei request, let him go out to play with Duff week two or three times, from the morning to the evening.

Gonghao Wei and Duff feelings every day, good to Gonghao Wei will mention his name, almost make Sang Tanni thought Gonghao Jia’s position can not be maintained, by a man named Duff snatched Gonghao Wei, in his Gonghao Jia fiercely before taking him several times, so Gonghao Jia angry about a seven-hole smoke.

Gonghao Wei did not bother what he liked with Davidoff’s house to play with him and Gonghao Jia, from card to computer, from morning to night, as long as there is time, Gonghao Wei almost give up the child.

Gonghao Wei did not give up to John to work there, as long as he did not empty, or when he is not too tired to look after Duff, he will be handed over to his brother Duff guarding.

Gonghao Wei’s well-intentioned, Gonghao Wei’s working hard, Why, just want to do what Gonghao Jia also understand that it is understood that he just wanted to give a family like him are not people who like it a little love !

of Duff looked tired, that leaned his arms, waiting Gonghao Wei back together children, and he is about to mix up, but he still prefers his brother, Gonghao Wei it up! Gonghao Wei is the first time he could be close to man! This is the fledgling state of mind it!

that look a little old clocks, etc. He is also brother to come back, just because today is the Davidoff first allowed to stay in their home, he did not want Davidoff will be up and see people want to see.

half past twelve, Gonghao Wei whispered, hastily returned from John there has been a request to leave early, he knew Gonghao Jia necessarily waiting for him, and he is worried about Davidoff also waiting for him in the process.

Fangqingjiaobu he slowly opened the door into the house, to see who is sitting on the couch, straight straight back, closed his eyes, but, bunk with. Gonghao Wei did not immediately go to Duff, just want a good look at Gonghao Jia.

he approached Gonghao Jia, but the accident to see Gonghao Jia holding a Davidoff, frowns, but my mind was a little different, get comfortable, just fill in what seems to be the same as in the heart, a touch of loss.

Gonghao Jia hear the sound, eyes blinked, opened his saw Gonghao Wei appearance, his mind not yet clear, but he was subconsciously raised to Gonghao Wei laugh, full of words from his mouth nasal sent to. “Back? Today hard?”

Gonghao Wei saw Gonghao Jia Davidoff and hold hands because of the bitter sour look, he did not say anything, take immediate past, skilled hugged asleep Duff, sitting beside against Gonghao Jia, head leaning on his shoulder .

Duff rolled his body, difficulty in sleeping and waking between hovering, half-focused, looked under 龚浩维, light raised laugh, and sleep.

swept the children back, Gonghao Wei said gently, “a man accompanied Duff to play, tired yet?”

“No, tonight did not do anything, just learn to write a few words of it!”

Gonghao Wei eyes turned straight, this guy did not give up!

he snappily said, “Duff was forced to learn Chinese you have a few weeks, he secretly complained to me, you know?”

Gonghao Jia smiled, Zeizei smile, “I know, but how? your complaints, I do not when the same thing ah! spoiled just as your words of love to me good.”

“You!” Gonghao Wei Growl!

Gonghao Wei holding hands like a koala as either catch him, he must jump over, pinch Gonghao Jia hold! So to speak! Want to die?

“What ah! I just want him to learn to write their names, there are also wrong?” 龚浩佳 said with an innocent tone.

“What’s the name! you idiot ah! he is an American, and write English well! do not you know? And, his name seems simple-minded small Davidoff also ah! outset I bear in mind his own name the! teach what are you waiting for? “Gonghao Wei said a lot of grunt own blame and doubt.

“Chinese would not have it!”

“Chinese? What Chinese ah?” Gonghao Wei seems to be falling from Barry fog, know nothing clear look.

“Gong Qian Jun, humble people, but also to do a handsome guy, but Chun word too tacky, but a little too dazzling, so I use the word stand side.” Gonghao Jia said, he just took Duff urge to write down the names.

Gonghao Wei spent simply listening in to see the text crooked, the teeth can imagine Duff strokes to write so many words to learn. He thought to Duff learn Chinese, even though he was in Hong Kong to Chinese as the main character, but he was not going to even twenty-six the English alphabet is not difficult to learn who wrote the Chinese. He can not figure out why the Gonghao Jia to Duff to learn Chinese meaning.


gentle smile, or sit beside people will not see, but he still wanted to give him like a warm smile.

“You do not want to want to become our adopted son Mikel do?”

subconscious nod Gonghao Wei wait Gonghao Jia given answer.

“I am not a thought, just too much to consider our relationship …… not too many people to accept, Duff wants us to adoption is not feasible, and we want to be the father of responsibility, in addition to good Duff education, we should also protect him, at least there is a right way to adoption him, so that he will not be too affected by the mind, I was looking for a understanding

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, Take half of my feet stopped, what they do, to see him, but not all the pain it met each other, as long as it Redwall being like, if too much luxury, and perhaps this is just the it will disappear. Ruthless heartless, turned around and looked at the side of West Lake gently rippling water, this time on the moon with clouds stuck his head out from that, the West Lake Water shallow moon glowing soft light, I looked up, he In front, the same will be determined stand, and that Shaw is also in the hands of white jade. Surprised and excited we each looked at each other, my tears gushed out. . “.. Xi He,” I could not help recall his name, he shocked, that there is nothing in the eyes flash, he went one step in front of me:. “.. .. Why, why,” he simply repeated with the words, I pains, deep sorrow. Moonlight two people who face tears, that the two men laughing moon crazy, but also touched on the two men crazy. It will hide themselves quietly after a flower thick clouds, that glorious will also close up.
hold me in his arms, I tightly against his chest, I could hear his heart beating rapidly, his arm firmly restrained himself, he was afraid of hurting me, I’ll be buried in his face jade-colored robes in the chest, that the above smooth, his temperature. I looked up at him, he would gently kiss fell down. At this point, we have forgotten who he is, who it is. . . . . .
the kiss is very light, but with scorching temperatures, I close my eyes, but the moment we wake up, he gently pushed me, and I took a step back. “I. .. you …” He could not speak, I also looked at the side of a panic wisteria that stretched out tiny petals are a little golden, “Xi He.” I then told him name loudly, full of irrepressible emotion. He shook his head: “I can not, can not.” I looked at his eyes the pain, and he is sad said:. “Yes, we can” hand that will not help snapping branches issued crisp “pop” bang. I looked in my hand, his tone calm down: “Late at night, the house did not take attendants, would take the trouble to send the princes of the house back Kunning.” Sound is repressed emotions calm mind, he looked at me, mouth floating hint of silent laughter, a micro-bend: “This is Wang’s honor.”
Along the way, there is no moon, we all silent walk, I dress long backswing make a slight drag “Suo Suo” sound on the ground, nearly half of the way to go, I gently asked: “Are you hurt ?, can still cause illness, “” He just looked at the front: “Drink your fried medicine, natural good much faster. “Having unnatural smile:” You now have to take care of exquisite, do not fry come. Too hard for me. . . “He did not finish, but in the eyes of sadness and love, I also looked at the front far little light:” Let me fry it. This is the only thing I can do for you things. . “He did not speak, slow walk of” Huangxiong, “he hesitated and asked:” What he told Hello? “I stopped a pace slightly, complex and keep up with him:” The emperor treated me very well. “Do not say that other he muttered to:.” That’s good, then good. “Wetting up my eyes, nose, sour badly.” You have to take care of yourself. “I choked Then he stopped and looked down at me, his eyes are pity and depression, his mouth open Zhang, but he did not say a word, he spoke a few steps:.” Harem sinister, you have to be careful. “I looked at him surprised, his face pale, I did not ask anything, followed him walk.
Kunning in front, near the palace where he stopped:. “into it,” he said, the wind from the corner of his robes, he took it from my hands wisteria branches, I a matter of looking at empty hands,cheap canada goose, he will put him a top piece of jade,canada goose jackets, emerald thin waxy jade is floating above is a crane off the edge decorated with pure gold hollow clouds. “This is my mother Princess relics, said to be the most beloved of her lifetime, and now I will give it to you, even if it is done in return the purse.” He was very calm and said, in the tone early spring sunshine as mild, I just refused to open his mouth, this thing is too expensive, not to mention at this time we have no longer had the two in Lakeshore booth Shaw Poetry of the product, how can I accept this object. “Do not say that you can not afford not to accept, in my mind, you are the only person you can have it even if there is no future.” He is still a faint breath, my heart is heavy. He reached for my hand and rope and turned to leave. His cold hands, my palms are also cool one.
Kunning back slowly, then I carefully closed at Jade sleeve bag, thinking back to the East Snappers on closing in on that little Mu Xia. Step by step into the door, before the brain is still remembering things. Tujue East Snappers, there is nothing wrong, I looked up, I saw the house of a kneeling, sitting inside Shen Xi away chair, looked tired irritability, as well as fear and anxiety.

Chapter 48 Cup title Le Saint says to avoid Yin (on)

“… This is how all kneel here? ‘I pointed to the ground where the attendants Kunning kneeling, looked around did not see the benefits of chrysanthemum figure:?” What happened, “I am a little confused, fairly calm tone, no salute to Shen Xi walked away from him: “? emperor, what they do what you are upset,” Shen Xi away from my face a peerless eye swept coldly: “so late that they do not know your whereabouts, is a capital offense. “I
scared, hurriedly knelt down: “The emperor, to blame his concubine, and they are unrelated.” I raised my face watching Shen Xi away still more than a hint of relief ice face, softly said: “Delicate asleep After Chenqie intend also asleep, but it has not sleep, had up, the wind blew outside,canada goose outlet, Chenqie was thinking to go for a walk. Chenqie think tonight emperor Liu Fei should be in there, and also more . walk for a while, “I laughed at him strong, his brow loose open hand and pull me:” how could not sleep, “is already a mild tone of the usual?. My mind quickly wondered how to make him laugh so that answers not to pursue, nor suspicious. I put on an embarrassed look:. “.. Before the emperor in this every night, and tonight it went to Liu Fei, Chenqie accustomed to” sound is delicate down, his face because of his own words floating touch crimson. He finally was completely laughed, his eyes no longer have doubts and anger, he pulled me to sit on his lap, I glanced at the still kneeling beneath attendants:. “.. The emperor,” I called voice trailed off to his smile: “But do not you all go on next..” make way I looked at that figure, turned to look at him: “? maid emperor, Hui Ju Chenqie it,” his head buried in the between my japonica, I was his itch is uncomfortable, but it is still laughing accepted. He raised his head:. “Sim sent by the library,” I was surprised not help push him: “The emperor, Hui Ju no mistake ah, but also please the emperor put her back.” That Sim who libraries but eating places, What people have to go out layer of skin, and my heart fears anxious eyes firmly Shen Xi looked away, I see he was helpless on the outside shouted loudly: “De-Hai Zhang, who went to the library Sim maid brought back the Goddess . “should be uttered outside people disappeared, he pulled my hand over to the bed, the candle went out.
woke up at midnight, Shen Xi away and fell asleep in the side, I crept up to the ground pin sleeve bag piece of jade clothes removed, carefully placed before a cabinet within the snow skirts pocket. Go back to bed, watching his sleeping face, but my mind was thinking about Xi HE. At this point what he was doing, and whether people in front of me, like a deep sleep. Ear heard faint voices of the mountains, and I rubbed his eyes, his own confused it, is an illusion, but listen carefully, really, is that he is Nagqu “water floating lights.” And then do not want to go back to bed beside him, threw himself in the light scrape clothes, reading from the books. Some cool slightly long hair loose down like a waterfall, like a black silk on a good, gently slide in the chest. I slowly turned the book in hand, the mind is his shadow.
someone gently shake me, open your eyes, I do not know when he will actually asleep lying on the table, looked Shen Xi away, he looked at me puzzled, wavefront there are distressed, I smiled and waiting for him to ask it said: “Chenqie middle of the night to sit here and look at the moon, unwittingly fell asleep.” Mao Yiyang his brow: “? Moon it so good-looking it?” My smile: “Su Yunpeng occasion falls, .? moon mussels in the open emperor Why do not you feel good, “he indulgent smile:” Go back to bed and go to sleep, be careful with a cold, I went to the audience was, “I nodded, lying in bed under his gaze, he. I am careful to cover the quilt, just close your eyes and looked at me out. I heard the door shut, and so opened his eyes for a moment, that jade will carefully roll out of bed in the closing Mu Xia among themselves before long boo breath, summon the maid came out, but I did not know the faces. “You are?” I pointed out a few ladies standing, although not familiar with, but they like you saw, on the occasion of Benjamin thinking hard like a figure came in, is Elaine. See me puzzled and confused at her, Elaine micro smile:. “Goddess, from today, is your maid servants,” I bite Yaoxia Chun, Shen Xi away knew it was meant only to ask random the sentence: “? Kunning years before that people do this,” Elaine looked up, her eyes more sharp points. “Back to the empress, who attendants still.” Elaine peaceful answer to, I turned to catch his breath: “This house is a little tired, you sent a message to let go of concubines Palaces today do not come.” Saying this will be on hand thick thick brocade curtains pulled off a down, cut off from the outside those unfamiliar faces, Dian Dian’s heart sank.
back to bed for good, but closed not touched upon, is still a little tired, but I do not know why my heart can not tell the kind of bad feeling, very nervous heart, eyes closed, as if he had a bad thing to what occur in general. Elaine came in carrying a wooden lacquer tray Zhu, the above is a wooden lacquer Zhu same bowl, I looked at her, she came to me without expression: “Goddess, which is used for the emperor commanded to you . “Coushang before I saw the bowl in black sap, but no taste, I was curious and looked a little scared Elaine, she still did not look, just look at me, I’m hesitant to pick up bowl and drink some bitter, but there is also a hint of sweet, drinking and soon felt very heavy head, closed his eyes could not help on getting to sleep.
someone is watching me clear up consciousness, opened his eyes, Shen Xi away sitting next to me, I smiled at him, and he will laugh, but that smile reluctantly, I saw the sadness in his face from his own slightly face a trace of fear: “how the emperor?” his voice was trembling, and my heart there is a bad feeling. “Zaozhao morning, your father did not come.” My heart a tight, shortness of breath: “What?” “You brother said he was suffering from cold, do not be afraid, Zhenyi school physician has passed,” I nodded, eyes. sideways, his elderly father, also a heavy body weight of growing toward something bad, now was not able to come towards actually seen not simply cold, my eyes swept unconscious Shen Xi away from his face, and suddenly, I thought he was wrong – like his face has a touch of very shallow very shallow laugh, a little sly. I’m afraid he did look, help is on the edge of capture. “The emperor, Chenqie want …” I’m hesitating to move forward, he looked at me, eyes in sympathy, I am a little surprised, he smiled: “I know you want to go back and look, but still, such as physician and report back to say it. “I heard him say this, and had nodded
are not in any mood throughout the day, with exquisite been let nurse, she was flanked by a large number of attendants. Hui Ju has come back, I think the solution is transferred to the East Snappers when she was poor, so finally had a familiar people around Shihou. When dinner is finally physician to inform his father nothing serious, just need to rest, I was relieved, Shen Xi asked a few to the physician away, so he and several other government Ling stayed until his father recovered. My heart down, fall asleep at night to coax the exquisite accompanied Shen Xi away batch memorial, under candlelight his face so serious, I watched him books with red crayon to write down instructions, I know he is very hard, I know He is a good emperor, and I know he was very nice to me, but I do not know why they are unable to produce and to Xi He, like the feelings for him. Sighed quietly, his eyes turned to the hands of the book again, then looked up, he was looking at a memorial in a daze, his face a faint smile. Look at my writing by candlelight memorial surface, very familiar, but they see.
After a few days, the audience was just under an hour, after the palace spread over one thing, the memorial retire before his father, wanted to resign from the prime minister’s position, because the old and sick, but the emperor has no meetings, and a letter yesterday one, the emperor was very difficult, but it seems to be accurately. That night I finally remembered that his father’s handwriting, but I do not understand, my father’s illness was not serious it is not? Could it be that the physician can not say I ever do. Very worried mind, there deeply sad that he could not take care of her daughter being at his father’s side, it is filial ah. See Shen Xi away thinking he must please me back to the house to visit Ling’s request until noon but he did not come to me with Kunning.
Shen Xi away when dinner came, his face tired, I end up tea to him, he took did not drink, closely looked at me, said: “Tomorrow you go back to Ling House, persuade your father not to resign , I wait for him to get better. “I am very surprised, his heart, not his father resigned from office always want what? How now it. . . I will not let it be attributed to me died, he was not that kind of person, then, because of his father’s protégé throughout the government and it? But the father has been loyal to the emperor, and his protégé are the same ah. I do not quite understand, but the heart is urgent to go home he did not consider this issue carefully.
serve him asleep I packed a few things, tomorrow is not mothering, early in the morning I sent by the De-Hai Zhang Ling House, prior notification is already over, but do not meet. I let Hui Ju Song asked to fetch a painting, is the most like his father works, the Imperial Household Department also prepare the herbs and supplements, all ready I went to bed down. That faint of heart, but it has not disappeared uneasy.

Chapter 49 Cup title Le Saint says to avoid Yin (under)

I sat on the wagon, this is a seemingly very simple wagon, black oil cloth with, and no different from the usual way, but after this carriage are full of plainclothes guards. Originally meant by Shen Xi away is to eliminate this palace to house Ling road, no person shall appear. But I did not want to disturb these things to the people, not to mention from the palace to the need to go through a few Ling House busiest streets in the capital, it is wrong. If there is mothering that the parade is to have, but now I just go home to visit a secret, so the request Shen Xi away, let me go back in this way. He repeated persuasion in my finally be it.
way I bound in a league in the carriage, no sun today, a heavy gray sky repressed down, like my heart, stiffened. Bustling street outside, cries, voices passing carriages, pedestrians pass ear voices, but I do not hear anything, my mind also babble, who kept out of the sweat, cool stickers on the back. Finally carriage stopped, it became quiet around my heart sink a little, it should be up. Own it can not be happy or sad, not so thick curtain maid lifted himself up on one hand, a dismal light cast in. I exhaled a long, himself a dismounted car.
Ling House door closed, still looks like when I was leaving, there was a mottled shadow on the big brass ring, that is when the early years of his father’s rival Zhang Ling Shang government departed from struggling to toss out bump , the father has not changed people, since shortly after that, pictures with the letter retire and return home, but in fact, he is similar to his father’s age. A maid came up to me gently tapping the “pound” came the voice was dull, the more my heart to mention the higher gate “squeak” sound is turned on, a two-Ling House steward, he told looked outside and saw me in front of a moment, the door

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Smile, face slightly on one side, close to the subconscious little guy’s head.

that moment, a hint of a sharp pain coming from the back, so she immediately frowned, grunted, then remember they come before

“Are you hurt? Just to give you pinpoint bleeding stopped, but now want to bandage wounds. Yan Bi pupil, down.” gentle voice he had Duoliaoyifen cold at this time, a child, seemed to be aware of What, who obediently slipped from twilight ripple, dazed at his father.

“lady hurt.” see little things written pout, he stepped forward, reached out and rubbed his hair, “Daddy, give the lady healing, understand?”

“No, that I can come from the East! square novels! network Lm” This wound, fell back, and is the summer, if not undress, how to look hurt. Thought here, twilight ripple whole face reddened up.

“how you come? Are you still long behind eyes.” He blamed road, and eyes with a bit spoiled, she was shocked to see, a pair of scissors youthful eye, not the usual Erotic children.

“But perhaps there somewhere ,cheap canada goose…… This ……”

“nothing, just me and Yan Bi pupil., if you worry, I can help you make the pupil Bi Yan heal, but what he will not, and, where wild country, maybe just to escape the crowd while with a helper on the back. “He looked at those ripples Nuzui indicate twilight supine on the floor of the body, facial features of a challenge,” they can not give up on you something. “

“But you can not forget, but they took the knife to kill you!” She gave him a look, heart some grievance, which was to kill Yan, not because they Yeliang thing.

“So, we are now all the way, you can drag wounded me. Moreover, you are our portable maidservants, if sick, how to take care of us.” said, ranging from evening ripple refute his point foot launched, Shuaixiu, Languo breeze, her body generation, fell into his arms, and have taken advantage of the little guy fell on her arms.
Such awkward posture
…… twilight ripple bowed his head, blush fever.

“Lady, you face a good red!” devil is still very outdated reminds us.

“I know, however, Yan Cardinal, can you give me another to get a horse?” she leaned against his arms, the posture, too non-compliance with it?

“Ha ha ha.” ears heard his laughter, very sweet, like the cat that ate the canary succeed, “this is not good?” homeopathic equipped with hand grip the reins of her waist, his chin close to her neck, gently smell her fragrance, the fragrance of lilies or before that, a lifetime.

a moment, he imagined five years ago, bite down on her shoulders leaving a trace of overbearing, tell her that you are my lady.

However, he did not …… he was only half the time!

Ma Benz on the road, her body tightly jumped on, and he obviously wanted to maintain a certain distance, however, the bumps for a while, then some frail and leaning against his chest.

across clothes, her back could feel his rhythmic heartbeat, like the wilderness that sounded impressively drum, tapping …… hear her heart jumped up to follow this strong rhythm,canada goose outlet, and with horse bumps, that is not the silver hair swept her flushed cheeks,canada goose jackets, with her black hair intertwined together, black and white, are the two extreme colors.

help, she quietly turned glanced at him, and that one, and that one, let twilight ripple beating heart suddenly a lag, I do not know when, his handsome face now looks too pale, light eyebrows Organisation, sweat graceful.

“how do you?” she asked quietly, leaning against a small thing has been asleep in her arms.

hear her ask, his brow, immediately stretch, have maintained a modest behaved just the kind of smile, thought for a moment, “you know that I am the devil you?”

“rumor says so.” he suddenly said she did not expect this, and that is the word for devil, half listen to rumors, half her personally seen, much still some doubts, if this were a devil, he should, no heartbeat, no heartbeat and often people feel haggard smile, it will not be so gentle.

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: In fact, some people really want to say, we love it again.

sweet little child before the date must be to offer, to the outcome of the sweet spot, you can make good memories.

text of Volume III: Chapter 79

and she felt that he was not the devil. (Wo romance net book

not help, red woman quietly hung his head, mouth evoke found no trace of her smile.

“I am the devil, so I have a bell on your body exorcism fear.” he smiled frankly, sounds somewhat bitter, retinal flow through the desolate.

“Really?” woman in red panic, panic, she also felt Yan Cardinal did not lie, see, he did some fear these bells, “Why are you telling me, you know I also had flooding Marin, plus I have a bite on knife, are you afraid I kill you? “

“Because, I want to tell you frankly.” horse stopped at a roadside inn side, he dismounted, stretched out his arms toward her, “I want you all to know I understand the true color Cardinal . “

many years ago, if he can so frank, so cool to say these words, perhaps, they will not hurt each other, so big circle around each other, and finally helpless apart.

red woman sitting immediately, a sleeping child in her arms, looked at the man stammered before the horse. Two rows of seed inn full shade of acacia trees in the afternoon, numerous mottled starlight penetrated the dense Yela on him, suddenly looked as if his body were encrusted planetesimals like. Languo breeze, crushing the flowers fall from the sky and more numerous, and floated fell behind him, he fell between the majestic red robe, then the moment, the woman suddenly felt like the front of this beautiful fairy like men, should be from the horizon and come, and all around are a true picture.

“Lady, could you have been sitting on this horse?” ripple looked like twilight, his mouth a hook, laughing, Meiyanrusi.

“Yeah, you casually what?” Hear that sound soft lady, twilight ripple whole person shudder, immediately glared at him, holding Bi Yan pupil dismounted, angrily, “Do not you know my name? “

“Listen Yan Bi pupil shouted, feel fluently ah, I also like.” he nonchalantly walked beside her, kept a little distance, and stay with her for a long time, some physical moral one, he knew.

“But I do not like.” She quickly walked into the inn, on the lead up the children shouted, “children ready room.”

“Lady, you’ve got to wait for me?” he laughed, Spring boundless, fundus but actually lonely and sad. The small two saw Mangjiang cited on two rooms.

twilight ripple with the little guy on the bed, just looking back, they saw the Nama crimson lean on the door closed.

“how are you here? do not back into the house?”

“here is my room ah. (Oriental * small * say * Network lm)” He raised his beautiful chin.

“That I do?”

“is also here!”

“…… you?! Yan Cardinal, why not get a room?”

“Lady, do not forget, you are carry her maid. And …… You do not have anything unnatural, naturally, do not Luanxiang.”

“What I Luanxiang?” understand the meaning of his words, the evening was another ripple face suddenly flushed, had teeth.

“You obviously Luanxiang, Needing a room, what would you want, but do not worry, I’m an honest man?.” when you hand these words, I felt the immediate ripple twilight was a smiley kinky – kinky wolf , blanket with teeth that I was the sheep.

really, this man, harder to get than that kid.

two weeks, she suddenly felt very long, very long, the original intuition is right, she would be ordered back to him.

“Do not shocked.” between absence, he has walked, between her fragrant breath filled, raised his head, just to close on his face, almost too little to touch her nose on him thin lips.

body froze in place, the same could not move his feet are like roots, but also a blank mind, she even can not hear the warning bells, I just feel stagnant breathing, heart rate, sweat soaked palms, between heart only fear, and an almost drained soul expectations.

his gaze, like fire, wrapped her whole body, stop the burning, she will feel the need to drown.

lifted a finger-like white, he just gently move it out of the front of her forehead sweat stained hair, Pa humorous duo behind  , and so far ah left on her shoulder, gently untied her clothes with blood.

time, she could not remember what it feels like, just listen to his voice, and my heart all sorts of fall, sitting on Ruanta, in addition to clean the wound that sharp back pain, chest pain is among needle.

process, exceptionally quiet house, turning occasionally heard the sound of small things.

wound pain, and the pain of her teeth, but not making a sound, a bit like in a fit of anger like himself, his hands firmly grasp couch water chestnut.

“Mom -!,” she uttered muffled heart, that wound, perhaps simply not injured in the back, is simply between heart. For a moment, she was a bit annoying myself, and finally felt that he was watching something they do not own.

do something nice, delightful and pleasing to the eye, naturally everyone likes, like a person’s right, they do not tamper with, that would not be what it is.

she continued to divert to their own ideas, there are occasionally felt his breath spray falls after breaking her bare back, a little messy.

“If you want me in charge, I would consider it?” make fun of him behind him.

“no! grateful.” she snappily top of the phrase, “What you just hurry up, I’m thankful.”

“born to clean the wound well, anxious, bad.” he comforted, eyes full of pity fell on her back after injuries, “Why do so many scars?” Those years are dissipated wounds, needle-like fell on his mind.

“I do not know.” She should be uttered.

“I’ll give you a wrap up, you take a break.” He got up, the blanket draped over her body, reach out and touch her on the forehead and smiled, “I’ll go out.”

her eyes closed, pretended to sleep, to be gently closed the door, she slowly opened his eyes, the window, the last one Meiko horizon, sunset horizon, a moment, a silvery sky, the moon fall into the room.

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: today or four more of it, but time is uncertain ah.

words, when the stepmother for a long time, I do not know how to be a real mother could not help, but also hands ‘shake’ the

chapters catalog Volume III: Chapter 80
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she propped himself sat up, looked at the Nama crimson disappearing in the dark, that way, he’s a little staggering pace pressing him what seemed inexplicable things unbearable.

be that touch of crimson completely disappeared after her hand stretched his neck trying to quit that annoying bell, but the strange thing is, she could not find a connector that suddenly like a long rope in her body, like how they have tried not to down.

how could this be? Her panic, hands trembling, the damn thing, and, even more frightening is the chain around his waist wrist and she could not take off.

“Damn!” scolded her teeth, but did not write to that before the white windowsill fleeting shadow, while the joint from murderous.

on the roof, a white figure in the moonlight seemed very unobtrusive, and that people in the hands of the bow and arrow ready to go early, a move slightly fingertips, that arrow will fly, direct targets.

“bang.” And before, there is little effort hit the bow of the bird hand.

Yan Jing a look surprised, Looking around, by which point the foot, swept under the roof, not into the jungle.

“Jade?” Look at the woman standing in the dark, apparently shocked King a swallow, for a moment, did not react, “You really come up with?”

“Why can not I? told to” Jade said coldly, his eyes fell on the scene of a swallow in the hands of bows and arrows, could not help the smile, “you just do? want to kill that woman.”

“She must die!”

“Ha ha ha …… Why?”

“There exorcism her bell, you did not see just a last resort to His Highness ‘tonic’ it? If this continues, can not wait for the new moon, the body of His Highness the power of exorcism bell that will be consumed clean, at that time, he simply can not resist these evil spirits, these evil spirits will certainly not let him …… he would really …… “King One swallow tone full of fear, and even said evil spirits when she hands trembling.

Four years ago, she had seen that scene, the ground split open, as vulnerabilities, sand-scarred to fall, while below where he is nothing dark, dense bones of countless hands, begins to climb out of the following ……

“He will become a devil?” heard here, not the slightest difference emerald face, smile facial features but more intense, “he became the devil is not better? eternal life guard at Xiqi, sheltered Xiqi, either manipulated by others! “

“He will not be the devil.” King one swallow hung his head, staring at the hands of the bow and arrow, “he would not choose to be the devil.”

“Humph!” Emerald cold smile, almond inn looked dim light, his eyes cold, black eyes without a trace of movement, “he had no choice unless he was dead.”

“You’re right, he will die.” King One swallow the sound is very clear, there is a fragmented sounds in the air, feeling feeble.

emerald look back, watching the scene a difference Yan Yan this four years ago, Cardinal personally mutiny, then boarded a useful means Xiqi great patriarch of the woman, this time it seems, no aloof and Yinhen four years, She bowed his head, pale, trembling lips, to be like five years ago and the first time she saw her.

but this time, she was such a breath uttered these words, after all, in the Emerald open, in front of the woman to follow Yan Cardinal for many years, she was more understanding than their crimson color, and her spoken words, it has always been No fake too.

thought here, I suddenly felt the back of a cool jade, seemed to have a cold dagger piercing his chest.

“What did you say?” quite a while, she asked, trying to prove that he was just just got it wrong.

“Your Highness, he will die.” slightly raised his hand, King one swallow with arrows pointing to the ground.

“dead? how could that be? He firmly believes that this woman is the result of that person, do you think he will die.” away just kind of panic, she tried to keep his own smile and tell yourself that you want to see a smile that perfidious people to become the devil.

“He will, because this woman came when he told me himself.” Then, just kept his head down matriarch

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Convenient excuse slipped out of the hall outside.

began to float in the wind rustled the fine snow, if you look carefully, the courtyard inside the white plum has a small ek bud, bud silhouetted against the pale winter snows roots, becoming increasingly moist. Christine took a long breath a few mouthfuls of Mei Xiang’s breath, it felt a little uncomfortable some, she thought, and moved on.

not much way to go, she suddenly heard not far away came the sound of a strange, thin dough seems to be a girl crying. She was a little curious, they patrol the TV drama crying to find in the past.

turned a few promenade, in a secluded patio door, she found the voice of the master, turned out that was a common ladies. She looks elegant look,canada goose jackets, but also the age of fifteen or sixteen.

“What happened?” long Christine could not help but asked.

The ladies looked up in time to see the long-Christine feel a moment, seemed to forget to weep, touches his face quickly floated a hint of blush, stammered, “yes, yes, high …… high …… “

in the palace, the ladies of the most talked about two shining stars like the United States as a teenager, one of four sons of light is Hulv Hulv constant Buddha,cheap canada goose, the other one is the fourth son — Gao Kao Chang Gong. So, when the legendary Pianpianshaonian suddenly appeared in front of their own when the little ladies first reaction is himself dreaming.

“You …… you ……” Her eyes widened, but it can not tell a coherent words.

long Christine smiled, “Why here crying?”

little ladies they recovered, wiped a tear Road,canada goose outlet, “little master just playing kickball, believe it will end it passed into the cattle yard, small masters allow slaves the ball to come back, if not find that will be a small master skinned cramps. But, but, slaves did not dare to go …… “

long Christine understand her mouth little master is the seventh son of the emperor, naughty by nature cruel, fully inherited all his father’s.

“Why not go?” She seems to see nothing unusual here, but nobody seems to have lived perennial.

little ladies looked around and lowered his voice choking, “slaves, slaves to hear my sister say here haunted ……”

funny long-Christine raised an eyebrow, it certainly is the ladies rumors, perhaps too boring, so haunted palace often heard rumors, every time I hear that she is nothing but laugh.

“Here is where the past?” before the palace, she is met with the emperor on the back, never more to stay in the house, so everything is not familiar with the palace.

little ladies sobbed, “first came to the slaves, slaves do not know.”

“you first do not cry, I accompany you to go.” Long Christine motioned her to follow their own account. This place really is a long time nobody cleaned up, eye clinics of the Department, a mess. She looked around toward something, suddenly saw a well in the corner, clearly printed on the well rounded traces of snow, she quickly went over to explore inside, I saw a dark, then readily picked up a stone and threw it down, just listen to the boom of a sound, no sound of water.

“This is the mouth of a dry well, the ball may be lost here.”

little ladies climbed to the mouth of the well that just a little look, revealing a frightened expression, was going to speak, he heard a long Christine said, “get a rope, I can help you the next pick.”

little ladies thought they got it wrong, in a daze after a long time to react, authentic feel grateful thanks and hurried to pick up a rope.
long rope tied to one end of the well of iron buckle, forced shook the rope, they turned toward the little ladies smile, lithe figure sliding down along the rope.
place to stay
bottom seems to be a thick layer of mud, Christine stooped long, hard and reach out and touch a thing, she doubts continue to touch up, feeling touched her face turned blue a ……

If not mistaken, it seems to be ……

She quickly pulled the arms of Huozhe Zi, a flash fire in an instant, she clearly saw that something is actually a pair of bones!

Although surprised, but she was, after all, on the battlefield, have seen bloody people, so do not think that fear. She will Huozhe Zi scrape up, carefully looked at the skeletons. From the size of it, this seems to be a woman’s bones, and has been dead for a long time, otherwise it will not turn into a pile of bones.

in this gloomy harem, such a thing, she probably should not be surprised, nor nosy, now, is to find the ball quickly back to the hall, they saw nothing when. Thought of here, she looked around to find the ball lying on the bones of the bird on hand.

long deferential hand picked up the ball, his eyes inadvertently crossed the dense white Shougu, suddenly, like stay in the stuff.

That turned out to be a familiar jade ring.

her pupils suddenly prosperous and enlarged, the body seems to be all the blood is pulled instant, thunderstruck feeling much better than this, moment, her world spinning, eyes only touch of color such as jade-like flow of unlimited expansion of open … …

it is —- Mother never leave the body of the ring.
Welcome to send to send

lanling blinding Chapter 31 bottomhole woman whose body
chapters Words: 5727 Updated :08-01-17 11:39
bottom body of a woman

slowly stretched out her hand, when the phalanx in touch to that, just listen to the sound card A, suddenly broken bones, and rolled into the ring were rolling in front of her. Her body shocked, gazed at the bird rings, just know that they have completely unable to think.

“high son, son …… high” from the top of the little ladies came suddenly anxious cry. At this point, even she could not believe she could remain so calm, she had just reached over and picked up the ring into his arms, picked up the ball along the rope to climb up.

little ladies look of gratitude took the ball, and so on and then looked up and found the boy had disappeared in front of her.

snow grew larger and larger, soft as pure wings, sky wrap, circled. Long Christine blankly out of the courtyard, suddenly the foot of a staggered and fell in the snow. She simply is no longer up, face buried in the icy snow, nothing to think about.

I do not know how long, her whole body was suddenly leap up and carry her, crashed into her eyes with a pair of anxious brown eyes.

“Long Christine, how do you?” high Cham patted her snowflakes, made no secret of their concern and surprise.

Christine looked down the long, messy hair covering all her face. She felt like she was laughing and laughing very powerful, something that overflow the eyes, but she could not cry, one cool swishing liquid flow into the heart, then flow through the body, all of the blood vessels are due to the sudden contraction of flow through the pain together.

“Long Christine, you in the end how it? What happened?” high Cham hand lifted her face, eyes half-ignorant with a trace of panic overwhelmed and rare.

“nine uncle, I’m so sorry, but they cry ……” She looked at him with a look of despair, let his throbbing heart could not help it, uncontrolled Languo he reached her, she just felt The cold hands and feet as the most cold glacier snow Che, as if all his blood is also pulling twist frozen into solid ice.

“Cry, so no one will see.” He pressed her head in his arms, though in the end she did not know what happened, but now he knows is that she needs to vent heart pain out.

“Nine uncle ……” make her feel at ease in the arms of the man she began to wriggle sobbing …… always thought your mother was still alive the hope of a complete collapse at this moment. Indescribable pain spread from the dark depths of the soul, like a deadly poison attack her body. From the hair, to the fingertips, every subtle nerves are trembling, call sign of blood in the body Pentium raging, looking for all exports, finally gushing from her eyes in ……

tears, slowly, uncontrolled meandering whereabouts.

high Cham just feel that hot liquid dripping onto his chest, almost burning a scar, but his heart, but it is never had a cold.

when she finally cried not support, she picked up a high Cham Palace, walked straight up to the door, ignoring everyone’s attention, but the attendants told the players, “Wait and informed the emperor heard, said Lan Ling Wang ill, the king brought him first Changguang palace. “

Changguang palace wing bias, the fire burned is busy, the air filled with a hint of white Mei Xiang, long-Christine felt warm body heat up, like being hugged fire, Yang Zhao lingering tenderness, half-opened his eyes, dim room into the purpose, is a high-Cham candle that was modified too gentle jade elegant jaw. The 1e

She just react own uncle’s house in nine years, but this time, nine uncle was sitting beside her, with a strange gaze at her.

“better yet?” high handed a cup of hot tea Cham smoothly, “first Koucha, and then tell me trouble in the end happen.”

long Christine drank tea, this slowly began to calm down, everything will simply tell exactly high Cham. Gao Zhan look calmly listening to her tell until she comes to the mother’s bones just found in the well, his brow before gently hop began.

“how do you conclude that your mother?”

long Christine pulled from the arms of the ring, “This is my father gave my mother’s ring, my mother has always loved treasures, is definitely not from the body, so when the fire had, I would suspect me Mother was not burned. “she paused,” But, my mother why the bones in the palace? Could it be …… “5

“If that is really the body of your mother, then her palace with people only – the current emperor.” Gao Zhan Interface said.

long hands of the Rings Gollum about Christine rolled into the couch, she just never thought this was not possible, but she did not dare to think ……

“emperor Why are you doing?”

high Cham seems to be a sigh, “the emperor he always liked your mother, your mother will dot means it is not impossible to spoil the palace. But, even I did not even notice that the emperor has put you Mother hidden in the palace. “

clutching her own clothes, just think about not breathing, if your mother had a fall in the hands of the emperor, then ……

“My mother is the emperor to kill you?” She lifted her eyes, staring straight at him.

He was silent for a moment, “Maybe yes, maybe not, but I can be sure of is that if the emperor has a grudge against her heart, you probably live to see now.”

“If the emperor to kill her, I, I ……” Long Christine’s voice slightly trembling hand into a fist grip unconscious because of excessive force and phalanges white.

“If the emperor to kill her, you want to do? kill the emperor?” high Cham looked at her coldly, “Long Christine, I understand your feelings, but now the only thing you can do is deemed not know this thing. “

“Nine uncle …… you know the emperor’s personality …… I think of my mother if it falls into his hands, I do not know how many will be tortured by, I, I ……” long eyelashes tremble Christine again it could not go on.

“That may not be.” Gao Zhan’s voice softened a bit, “listen to your description, that the bones have been for some time and you still remember, was not like this before the emperor’s character. Internally, all his requires a simple quiet, Appreciating use, magnanimous heart, control subordinates, law enforcement severe, if someone violated, and even if he was royal, but also punished. External every strikes are taking pro arrows flying stone, wherever he went, all established military exploits, called generation British Lord, however, after two years after you return to Ye City, he became pale character, if I venture to guess, perhaps because at that time your mother has passed away …… so in such a blow, the emperor he was …… “

“But why would my mother’s bones kind of place?” She bit her lip, “if not because today I stumbled, she has stayed there alone ……” think of your mother’s death inexplicable death even a place where the bones are not, her heart, and trembled violently.

“Everything we guess which one of what happened, who we do not know.” Gao Zhan whispered.

long Christine also like to think of what things hurriedly met Zheng Yuan Chang told him.

“Ms. Gao …… maybe we did not imagine it’s that simple,” Gao Zhan micro frowned, “I’ll send someone to check it, but even I do not know about it, we can see the emperor to do extremely secretive , then I am afraid that insiders are already dead. longer Christine, you must yourself, must not reveal the slightest flaws, do not talk about this to anyone. well, your mother’s bones temporarily not move. understand it? “
Christine’s long
looking slightly changed, but still nodded his head, “I know, nine uncle.”

high Cham seems a little relieved, his eyes flow with little soft, “Long Christine, I will not let anyone bully you.”

“If the emperor to kill me?” she blurted.

high Cham slightly hesitated, staring into her eyes, a single word, “I said, any – any -. man”
long eye gradually cast a thin layer of fog, shrouded get somewhat real, she Zhengzhu blankly forgotten words, silent on the TV, she suddenly sank a kind piece of dark illusion .

door suddenly came the maid’s voice, “among princes, kings and river in Henan King Lan Ling Wang back to the government to pick up and they’re waiting for the hall.”

“This is the king of the people who sent in the past.” Gao Zhan and again with his eyes again and do not tell others to convey the meaning, look after the long-Christine nodded, this calm down.

may be affected by the cold relationship, coupled affected by the light blow, back to the government after a long Christine, gave birth from the disease, although just an ordinary cold, she was simply an excuse to leave, he is taking advantage of this period of time, did not go in court, so to see the emperor, she was afraid of losing control of their emotions.

few days later, Yuanshi descendants, regardless of women and children, are being killed all 700 people dead bodies were thrown into Zhangshui, make red river, the city’s residents from Ye Zhangshui not eat the fish, because often Some people find something from the maw of what nail yard.


after the New Year, the palace took place in one thing. The emperor gave him a ladies reward high six brother played, after sober actually forgot about it, saying it was high speech without seizures, so guards indiscriminately with handle slam, he will have to beat can not afford injuries. High played under resentful silence hunger strike. A mother of two cellular Dowager Lou Zhaojun cry day and night. Buyiburao watching his aging mother, Gao Yang idea is somewhat anxious, and had continued to play the high house, inquire illness, say good things done before the fellow brother flatter re eating.

Is strange to say, the emperor is extremely dislike the brother, but his aging mother who has relied on the backing of his brother, also is the only dared to contradict that persuade him. Although not lose lives, but every persuasion will inevitably be beaten some. But because of this, there are a lot of ministers towards the impression that he was very good.

“I think if for others, uncertain is how to die,” Hau Wan side to add a charcoal stove inside, while said.

long Christine reluctantly pulled a smile, “so it is only Uncle dare to persuade the emperor.”

“That touches, you see Jiushu so favored, and never say a word, and he will always be an independent look.” Hau Wan paused, “also on your special little one o’clock “

long Christine was about to say something, all of a sudden I just felt an itchy throat, cough several times, attached.

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Tell the true identity, can they tell us that he is the ‘root’, that is not revealed his identity? “
“it is only a possibility ……” into the Xi Xiang He looked up, “‘root’ may be just one of his only identity.” turned his head, as hee tone a little worried, “Wilson, the man Daniel Lee too elusive, do you really want to agree? “
“ah temporarily …… first promised down.” nodded, although Daniel Lee still do not understand, it is not simple to understand this person, you can tell him or intuition collaboration with Daniel Lee, should not be a mistake.
“Next should have looked good ……” Millennium Ice’s face appeared genuine smile, “Daniel Lee guy, we can rule the chin as the Grinch wearer, no time to squeeze all day pressure us, which for us, it would be a good news …… “
other, and then later going to it!
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Qian fled as Notepad (episode)

“These native, I have placed in this cupboard, when you eat here come and collect on the line!” caring tone ~
“I was thrown into the dirty clothes inside the washing machine, wash well we wait Clothesline together, okay?” cute smile ~
“I like the hole in the bag, you help me Bubu, can I?” fanciful expression ~
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!
mirror, pulled her hair, I really think I’m going crazy!
see Daniel Lee face since the day after, everything seems to be not in my control into the. All the details of daily life, including clothing, food, housing, transportation, nothing is not within his jurisdiction, in front of others seemingly innocuous inquiry, in fact, written in his eyes deeply threatened disobedient I have experienced the fate , and the mouth was swollen like sausages with seven points, less than three hours is impossible to see ……
more angry is that this scene was also caught up to those two bastards, you can even have ignored the two men walked away! Surname white ice even, that guy would have wanted the opportunity to repair my meal,cheap canada goose, and I can even childhood into Hee also gave me a ‘grief the way’ in the eyes and then ran with this …… this is What kind of heartless world? ? ! !
Of course, I will never succumb to this metamorphosis under control, so I brought all the courage, then ran away very brave …… ……
Who? Who dares to laugh at me?
damn, kind of you to try!
my life, I’ve only me bully others, when others received such a useless gas bullied? OK, OK, I admit that a child has been played two thieves, from that time on, I strive to learn upwards. All my dad all the disciples were, in the case of my strongest, even Dad and I want to keep the younger uniforms together can, what I want to be bullied by this person was that masked wolf Daniel Lee so miserable, so that the body’s effort was not clamped tightly, each only ‘beaten’ sake, I …… I …… my life so much suffering! ! ! !
beside the point, where did I just say?
Oh yeah, I said I ran away ……
In this completely inhuman persecution, of course, packed up all my belongings at all asleep, silent escape from the back door. What
? Why the back door?
depend, of course I get the back door, slept on the living room couch and Bin Bin Yan Ting, although it looks as if the two men are not practicing shijiazi, but I believe that careful driving the years the ship, though …… although I ship Boat ……
Oh, never mind that the first.
saying to me already quietly slipped out the back door, and then very smooth train before the sun came out to leave my home, not flee oh, is the way to go home Ansi spend the rest of the holiday.
‘happy time always flies so quickly’ This saying is also true.
very happy in my eating popcorn,canada goose jackets, sitting in her home with Ansi ultra-luxurious look of the film, when the film room, Ansi phone suddenly rang.
Then, Ansi very puzzled eyes looked at me after holding a phone to go out ……
then, although I find it strange, but still very enjoyable popcorn into his mouth and caught a hand ……
Then again, I heard the voice of the world’s most horrible sounded ……
“Qian as ……” Daniel Lee came in abandoned puppy face expression, can be looked into my eyes like a wolf is hungry for a long time, “how a man went to this place to the Let me find a hello hard …… ” Then went I came here
Here, the story would be finished.
What did you say? You asked me how to do at that time?
Well, like I was so smart people how beautiful and might flee? I bother to do such a thing ……
No, no, I’m not fled to Ansi home, I was on vacation, vacation!
(Xiang He flower: I certainly did not escape the younger sister, she on the spot under the silly, motionless, directly carry home ……)
hush hush! Do not say coming!
then what? Then I will not tell you what, you guess yourself go!
finished finished, the story finished, finish finish!
(Little Cheung He whispered: Actually, I am not sure what happened, but last night when I eat, I blushed old younger sister cough, swollen mouth wound so there is very poor, we are just at night. Xifan only, ooo, ooo ~)
you said! Told me to get out! (Andrew amnesty kicked out of the room)
“Qian like, how could you do this to my brother in law do?” miserable, miserable, and every time so that the thickness of the sweet smile with my mouth is proportional, “you are doing is wrong, oh …… “
etc. …… wait for the next!
Why close the door?
you are so close to what I do?
you do not come ……
you …… Well ……
(pure spoof episode, given the long-awaited friends, please accept my gift!)

another announcement ~ ~ ~

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like that is like!

shut the door on some tired Daniel Lee leaned against the door, rubbing his brow.
been so at every step of the day, in the end to lead to what time?
“As long as you prove your ability, I took my seat in your mouth.”
But, in fact, I really want that seat it?
targets not previously own for that time to hear the repair Min godfather say, it’s the climb so this seat into its own goal. Xiu Min godfather resisted all efforts in the dark underground world, and that if he could become his right-hand man, is also the community on their own, it is intended to enable a contribution, so meaningful and challenging work, what better than this?
that time began, it continued to accept the different training, training on the use of force in that time Roy has bottomed, while the later training more focused on socially and spiritually, the economic lifeline of political issues, all of Everything is exhausted efforts in exchange for their own knowledge, certainly not overnight. Xiu Min looked at his godfather for help growing, honest heart is joy.
and such work would have thought that you like, happy, wants, satisfied. But it all seems to have changed in the face of such Qian, walking together this small action can make yourself happy, then why deliberately let himself into the kind of competition among outlive others to hard ?
Daniel Lee had puzzled over the past few days, doubt, confusion over, thinking to himself in the end is what kind of life, what kind of day. Simple Pleasures? Or fresh stimulus? The next day
simple, and Daniel Lee dawned, maybe he had a hope that we can always keep pure white, but in the years after these years of baptism, Daniel Lee also will never know his white jade, and so day full of unknowns, but also to adapt themselves to the now quite good, more importantly, he felt, as Qian is also very suitable for this day.
So, he decided, he was all to it.
Why did not want to give up any of whom, perhaps he is greedy, but he really is all to it.
Qian as, or career, he will not let go.
he believed he would have to find a balance point.
him so believe.
felt something in scratch their ears, chin like an impatient sweep of the sweep hand, can be annoying itch or feel that the ears do not hang around, forcing chin as his eyes opened, or trying to sleep ……
“ah ah ah ah Well ……” see the face in front of an enlarged chin preparedness if not called out, it was not called Daniel Lee finished clutching his hand to it, “ah Well!”
“boo ……” Li Ren Qian as squeezed cheek with meat, such as flower-like smile, “Good morning, little exuberant!” hands off, Baji soon as a pro on the other cheek, “a look at how I Wawataijiao to my face looks are so terrible? “
see each loaded innocent terrible face, there is still damp to the touch on the cheeks, chin really feel as big of a thing. Daniel Lee
not play it last night, he was really angry.
my trouble officially began.
replaced with a big smile, Qian as ‘gently’ is doubled, turn to Daniel Lee pressure in the body.
“Daniel Lee, get out of bed so early?” change over suppress Daniel Lee, rubbed his chin as body servant’s hair, “I do it so early?”
pre-emptive, no matter how many years of this sentence is the philosophy of life as Qian.
somewhat surprised Qian as the main strength of Daniel Lee spent spent a little, then put on a chin so that all feel like watching creepy smile.
want to play as if nothing had happened with my back to the previous pattern, continue to treat me as a harmless little rabbit do?
But the Big Bad Wolf has put rabbit skin to lose a good pity Oh!
“little exuberant ah ……” laughing man pressing his obvious trembling, Daniel Lee continues innocent blinked out his hand and gently stroked the chin as the face, “Do you really think that things can return to the original mode it? “to see each other’s eyes suddenly widened, Daniel Lee got up and kissed the chin as his mouth heavy,” but …… I do not want to install a small rabbit, oh, how to do it? “
“Do not say this …… it ……” was scared to speak some stuttering, usually panacea trick suddenly not be used, such as Qian’s head spinning fast, “that would have been that way before you do, I also like, ah, how suddenly decided to get rid of it? “Having looked very hard to speak each other’s eyes expressed sincerity.
looked at each other with their efforts so play continues, though not bear Daniel Lee but decided to spread out in terms of things, “Qian as I am sure you already know that I was so kind of person, that when you want me to move The purpose of coming to live with you we both know the answer, I do not want to pursue anything, but, ah, I love you on this matter, I do not play it is free to talk, I was very careful, oh, I also believe I can give you happiness, you do not always follow me around the circle, directly accept, okay? “
finished speaking, Daniel Lee on Nue body.
Daniel Lee has not had time to think what moves to make, Qian as first rolled want to jump on, know where each other’s movements faster than their own, not step forward, the people are a force to pull back.
“what!” Qian as Daniel Lee wants to seize the right arm and then took the opportunity to throw off the back breaking, but in turn, may fall 李仁怀 the whole person, “Ow, it hurts! Liren you Kuaifang Kai me!” the body is clamped tightly, Qian as how to struggle even can not get rid of, “Why are you holding me in the end?!”
“You did not answer my question, how could I let you leave?” Daniel Lee laughed ruffian ruffian, the appearance of a pair of decent women molested, so Qian as empty head a bit.
such a pretty face but with such riffraff smile, Qian as thousands of operators million, are not counted into this person actually downright to this point.
effort to calm himself down, chin such as deep breathing, pressing an angry, calm voice said: “Daniel Lee, I admit that when I want to use you to shift their attention to the two brothers, but I would never put What you put into embarrassing situation; was like you said, I think it is always with me at your side, let yourself suddenly confused misunderstood …… “slowly lowered his head and felt his chin as Some heart sour, “When you wake up, you’ll understand what you’re feeling is just a temporary illusion of it.”
right ah, and so you really wake up, you’ll know you’re just a temporary illusion of it, how could you love me?
“Like Like Like I said, I like that is like, why do not you believe?” Daniel Lee just do not understand that they want so long, it behaved so obvious, this stupid woman in the end still thinking, ” I do not like you and me doing nothing to come to haunt you, I …… “heavy lips and kissed as the chin,” I do not like you and I kiss you doing? “
by pro a person is like a person, what is the logic here? (Lee In this emotional idiot logic)
Qian as really want to roll your eyes, and no strength in rebuttal, but did not force the opening: “?, I can go to brush your teeth yet you do not think my mouth stink I still feel my mouth Sese”
“call ……” to see such a generous release Daniel Lee himself, as Qian also feel weird, then let her back almost vomit blood, “So little exuberant love me so much, even before brushing their teeth with my parents pro. “
God ~ ~ There is no one can save her ah!
================================================= ========
resume updated, but it seems a long time did not update it because people are gone, returning back ah …… oh ……
Miss Boyle vs

hiding in the corner, Qian as timidly looked around until

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Then I expected, and I completely lost hope, silent nod.
“Hai can go out.” the old man continued.
I looked up at him in surprise.
old man looked at me, smiled and sighed: “I know what he thought, but nothing ever do my bones.” He looked ahead, slowly said: “His mind is not in volts, the eventually go out of date. “
looked at him, my lips can not help but smile appearing.
“the old man assured,” just to speak, academics Ji Yu beside the opening. He looked at me and said:. “Qi Jing Prince even the elderly, if Hai went on to Qi can.”
I lengleleng.
old man smiled and said: “Last time, Prince Qi talk to Bi She also is with this intention.” Then he suddenly asked: “The women both want to leave, it may be willing to wear the ghost side phoenix-shaped and re- Sou watch? “
I nodded, reached into his sleeve, touch the mold, put out a small pocket, untied the tether, remove the phoenix-shaped wear.
old man took it carefully,canada goose jackets, put together in the hand, a closer look. His face calm, his eyes are deep, silent. Long time, he cited sleeve wipe wipe his eyes, sighed, smiled at me:. “Old people would love to recall those memories,” said, the phoenix-shaped wear back to me.
“This year has been a ghost party fetish wear,cheap canada goose, famously,” the old man look at me, and said: “Jade has a soul, this wear though dilapidated, expensive collection of women is also when carefully.”
me smile: “Respect promise.” between
positive conversations we face encounter in slaughter. After Jian Li, he said Sou dialogue today must divination, to ask him to go. The old man promised to make a countryman was killed beside the old man on her own, and with our farewell salute, left in a hurry.
watching their figure hidden in the crowd, Ji Yu took my hand again and continue to walk towards the preface.
“?.” over the will, just listen to him out of the channel.
Ji Yu look at me, and said: “Very elderly nostalgia phoenix-shaped wear, if you tell him good.”
I wonder at Ji Yu.
his eyes shimmering, but straight watching me, seems to look forward to.
“This is a mother to me.” I turned my eyes, said softly.
Ji Yu did not speak. on
night banquet, we go the news quickly spread.
Dan and Chen surprised.
“not to stay a few days it?” Dante from the other end of the feast before I went to the field and Ji Yu seats, eyes wide open to ask.
I hoist a smile, said: “Yu must return Zongzhou.”
look Ji Yu Dan, frowned: “In the future there may be will come volts?”
“Wu You! aristocracy worry that big boat, as long as Bo is not angry, when does not allow!” Chen drunk, look with pride at the next laugh. Then he put that pottery statue, to Dan and angular Ji Yu are filling the cup of wine, and then they looked at me and said: “ have to drink?.” My cup was full on.
finished pour wine, Swindon we smiled, raised his pottery statue, his head cuckoo land under irrigation mouth; Dan reddish face, small mouth to sip, not have met the end.
Ji Yu look at me, picked up the horn cup, drink the wine and exhausted. Chen Tao statue down, Fu Zhang laughed: “Wei Jie Yan Zhou Dynasty wine, you pour refreshing!”
I looked at them, and some difficult. Know their liquor, but not disappointed, then hesitated Naqijiubei,canada goose outlet, sip two. Wine taste on the tongue spread, should drink much more rich than in the past, choke choke, and quickly put down. Seeing red
Chen stared at me: “So you’re the king of summer people you 周人夫 stronger than you??!”
this kid! I stared back, emotional ground Naqijiubei.
“impossible.” Ji Yu said, wanted to reach out and take my cup. I took his hand away, lift the cup, he just drank gulps.
me a belch, proudly watching them, Chen and Dan loud applause.
not far from the gallery called out chen, Chen promised to me and Ji Yu smiled, took Dan in the past.
looked at them and saw that Chen went to the front seats, and picked up the statue of wine …… look to the surrounding, rural people are all toast made laugh, businessman alcoholics name really is true.
suddenly felt his face Yaki, and some of the things in front of Akira, the brain bursts to swell. Hand open fingers, count, the brain is still awake ……
Banguo hands on my shoulder, Ji Yu’s face appeared. He looked puzzled, to hear his voice asking: “? You’re drunk.”
I shook my head and smiled: “No ……” words forever, throat and belched.
Ji Yu helplessly watching me, give me a folder piece of meat, said:. “eat something”
I am not willing to poke his hand, turned to look at the field a few girls dance.
They danced nice, skirts sleeve dancing, warm and Zhuopu.
countryman cheers, dance with the girls gradually closer. I saw their heads nowadays are trimmed with flowers, inter action with young face two-phase shine – looks good, my heart said.
their light turning waist, clothes, showing exquisite curves – I will certainly be looking at, the heart sigh, she did not have to pick ah!
girls and near to some, putting a human face with a shy, eyes looking up, Wink tenderness – look too …… suddenly found that sight seemed straight Ji Yu.
I support the station got up from the seats.
Ji Yu looked Yaran: “how?”
my head still somewhat heavy, pulling his hand: “Come with me to go for a walk.” said, dragging him to go out.

night wind in his face, cool, but how can not expel the brain chaos.
Ji Yu pulled forward, the faint starlight, at the foot of the old station instability, several times, thanks to Ji Yu in the back and it did not stagger the steady fall. No matter so much, the brain just want to go forward, he has been pulled into the pasture, stop pace. “??” Ji Yu’s voice asked.
turned and looked at him in the darkness less clear outline, said:. “I’m tired.”
Ji Yu did not, then hold down piles of straw from the hay beside pulled me to sit on top.
my body lying on the straw, soft, very comfortable. top
, the stars shining eyeful. Staring at them, it seems that people really like it, would wink of …… my head seems more dizzy, eyes closed, head still speak, swelling, there’s something in my mind, constantly turn ah ah ……
“?.” Ji Yu in the next, and Huansheng.
“ah?” replied, voice out of the somewhat vague. forehead and cheeks
a big hand on the warm cocoon skin Ge Ge, but not out of mind. “May feel discomfort?” He asked.
“no.” briefly replied, feeling that he should recover, to catch the hand, attached Jiabian hold.
Ji Yu’s action stopped.
I opened my eyes, dim light, his figure barely visible, but tell the shape distance. I reach out, kind of like hide and seek to probe him. His fingertips touched the cloth that instant, suddenly giggled.
“??” Ji Yu’s voice could not conceal his doubts.
I let go of his hand, arm straining, sat up. His silhouette close, slowly close to whisk across the nose touched the strange atmosphere, I stopped. Under
shimmer, his face gradually see more clearly, handsome facial features blurred discernible. Looking at his hands slowly around his shoulders. Men’s body froze like a little, but I do not care, hot lips looking footmarks below, went up stickers, hang kiss, tentatively, gradually into the depth of the provision.
breath intertwined with my eyes closed, to speak, under the palms, heart bulging, it seems hard to tell one another. Moment, a pair of strong hands on his waist suddenly ask, Ji Yu Cuddle me, began to warm response.
my hands cupped his face, forced to hold back, slightly are, they gasped separately. Bloated face, geothermal, stared flaring lips, shortness of breath murmured: “After only one promise to me so ……”
“good.” Ji Yu voice hoarse, complex and planted to.
fiery breath like a glycol such as wine, it seems that I can melt. Pour in the weight of the body, the breathing room overflowing grass aromas, soft brain, consciousness gradually spread to the foot of the intoxicated ……

Shiba ALWAYS Iraqi water, and a boat spawned when local people work together to support young apprentice out Penny, micro-continents shaking, slowly offshore.
water, local people still go to see them off, Dan and Chen stood in the front row, from time to time to see Dan sleeve to wipe the eyes. My heart is full of Sese, standing first boat, kept waving to them Yimei.
waves shot under the boat, rushing sound, vision gradually becomes smaller crowd, Maolin and clear water phase, they disappeared in the green wilderness there.
world only the sound of wind and water, put down aching hands, still hidden in the mountains overlooking the Volt Lane.
feet touched something, looked down, rural people to send jerky dried fruit lying there quietly. Last night festival club, each of many sacrifices, we had to have taken, rural people cram come to us away ……
a hand on my shoulder, behind him came the familiar atmosphere.
“I’ll wait now to where?” did not look back, and gently asked.
“. toward Que Gong” Ji Yu’s voice in the back-up ring: “life with people waiting in the wild Que Gong, two days later, I meet with them and other disembark, you can by a thoughtful east, if speed, then two days may arrived pipe now big flood has passed, smooth road. from the tube to Qi, three days is enough. “
I looked constantly receding river without a word.
all away, but seven or eight days Ji Yu goes as far as the timing was so tight.
said to relax ……
Ji Yu is not open, on that hand still on the shoulder. Back to faint through unfamiliar body temperature for a long time, there is no near to, nor back.
yesterday morning when wake up, head and bulging Youteng. I struggled up exactly to find clothes the night wore. Sitting in bed like a long time, vaguely remembered pulling Ji Yu went to the banquet on pasture, and then, they sit down, and then, his face burning bursts, as if to kiss him ……
And then what? My brain “boom” sound, hard to remember, but can not remember anything.
heart raced, suddenly stood up, walked a few steps in the chamber. Lower limbs freedom of movement, it seems nothing wrong. I paused, and forced to walk a few steps, around the waist, only some sour last night sleeping bad relationship. To slow down long breath, soft under body Zuodao in bed ……
when I walked out to the house, Dan smiling to come over and asked me one night hangover, hungry or not. I shook my head, awaiting answer, she stared at my neck: “?!  Zhi gave mosquito bites so many!”
I’m shocked, subconsciously ask hand on the neck, blood crest on the face.
sympathetic ear to listen Dan said: “mosquito bite Fubai Zhi really love the person,  leave early good ……?”
that night and it was kind of piece together piecemeal. From the mouth of Dan learned that he was drunk, and was Ji Yu hold back. From all indications, it seems to be nothing special had happened.
However, under ponder, Ji Yu quirky behavior. Hai said he clearly told before we did not empty, but yesterday together with Chen to the wasteland to the new canal water until the afternoon to appear. More than that, the two meet again, I suddenly felt very natural. Often when the line of sight to be met, there is always one person in advance or turn on, after so many times, I always unconsciously avoid, not to see each other’s eyes ……
perhaps more than they want it …… I took a deep breath, the heart.
sky dusk, when the boat people no farther, stay out of Penny, the big boat docked at the shore, on the tree anchorage.
Ji Yu asked me to stay on board the boat with two people near the edge of the woods next to the firewood. Night, lit the bonfire raging flood.
few people sitting around, the village sent people out to burn eating meat.
river tucked breath of wind to whisk, slowly heat around the drive will open. I sat beside Yu Kyi, to see him put the fire out into the sticks flip, meaty nose constantly drilling, pharyngeal swallowing.
burn for a long time, Ji Yu recover sticks, meat will be carefully looked at, and handed me: “Come on, be careful hot mouth.”
I am delighted to take over, and saw that the flesh glowing red ripe brown, but not burnt, which also hissed braved oil. The stick is still hot, as if it is really hot. I kept blowing to the above, good will, a bit off carefully.
flesh burned very professional, do not quit hard, excellent taste. Although there is no seasoning, but enough to evoke a strong scent that appetite.
“Yu doing very well.” can not help but praised, asked him: “? But so often burn”
Ji Yu look at me, raised his lips smiling, continue to turn to proceed in another stick, said:. “expedition often less grain, but must burn Shooters”
“ah.” eating barbecue, take a look at him, mumbled. Bin Yap expedition …… remember that thrilling scenes, the real war, I am afraid to be dangerous times.
“public opinion.” I whispered. “Ah?”
I looked at him: “may have been hurt?”
Charan Ji Yu looked at me, slightly ares, he smiled, looking back to the fire:. “conquest outside, how could not hurt.”
I will be looking at him, nodding firelight reflected in his profile, look peaceful.
“What may have pain?” asked. Ji Yu look at me and said:. “There”
“back.” his voice faint: “Now the fear is just some prints, Shuyi Ge are planned for the group.” Then he smiled, and said: “At that time without setting aware, still horse gallop on the 2nd , but afterwards lying on the couch a half months. “looked at Ji Yu, suddenly throbbing heart palpitations, and sip Minzui angle, but also laugh. I would go, turn around and continue to slowly gnawing barbecue.

night deepened, a few people eat the food, fire board to rest.
no canopy on the boat, the boat spawned several volumes from the cabin mats laid out on the ship, Ji Yu from? leave luggage out of two thin blankets, which will be one to me.
“journey than the palace, and will overnight.” His voice said to me gently.
I nodded, took a thin blanket.
look ship, big boat with limited space, two mats and together enough to lie down two or three individuals. How to sleep? You can not help herself. Another head look big boat, boat fleet has spawned and help local people to lie down and lying together.
be so ah …… My heart suddenly a pop, are a little, and looked up to see Ji Yu.
faint glow moon and stars, he did not look at me, just finishing proceed in a thin blanket, his face is not very clear, just like nothing noticeable calm.
I slowly deep breath, nothing more, nothing not great.
I was talking about, fluffed a thin blanket, pillow clothing burden, while lying on a straw mat.
soon, just listen to the body not far from the muffled ring, looked and saw Ji Yu also lie down. Twilight, his silhouette in front of tetrahedrite tetrahedrite, such as mountain-like calm, seemed close at hand.
night wind, water, tucked like a strange warm whisk. Was quiet, ears to hear the faint sound of his breathing lingering downs.
I ordered his eyes closed, wrapped in a thin blanket leaned over. Ship hard, not long arm was Ge raw so I had no choice but to turn back.
“sleep no less?” Suddenly, Ji Yu whispered voice sounded.
“ah …… not.” I look at him, softly replied.
Ji Yu did not speak.
“there is dew at night, some of the blanket tight rope.” Before long, he said, just listen.
“ah.”, I rope tight blanket, complex and close your eyes.
neither of re-opening.
Qinliang Fengjixuchui too big boat gently swaying, then, while another boat head snoring sounded arrogant, after a while, like someone rolled over, snoring screeching conceivable world again quiet.
probably tired of the boat during the day, I sleep gradually filled,

canada goose jackets

She will seek to find out something. In fact, she has not done too bad, in short, the old lady in compliance with the instructions, they also and the best of both worlds, try not to offend the ward or bedroom. Are wrong, is that today many people helped the old lady just to make a few glances.
Scharf humanity: “master of masters have difficulties, lackey minions have difficulties, we have difficulty is nothing but good for the old lady, mutual understanding with some child wants to say that these others did not do what I was.? How can it be that, regardless of whatever the outcome, such as people? get up. “
orange listened to Ms. Xia these words, she always knew what it preaches, they calm down, get up later, standing respectfully Chuishou good:. “Please tell Mrs.”
Ms. Xia faint smile: “I ask you, just how to persuade the old lady?”
orange hesitated before:. “slaves and the old lady said,cheap canada goose, still a long day, after her old needs a lot of places also presided over the overall situation, please do take care of her body.”
Ms. Xia chuckled: “Well said, just let her calm down, take care of themselves, to say a few words, I would not care about you and you take good care of her, then I will not be ill-treated if you do special. good, old lady hundred years, even if the body is to restore your freedom is not impossible. “
Is that a promise, and also forced orange stand,canada goose outlet, she must choose one and two-bedroom in the middle ward, the future no longer have it both ways. Orange heart jump: “Slaves Ms. Xie grace, categorically will not let his wife be disappointed.”
Ms. Xia waved her to step down, and ordered the true children of the lunch room, the old lady passed, people go to the 夏瑞蓓 shouted: “home such a big thing happened, too indifferent to how fast she let? She came to her grandmother paternity disease. “
little while 夏瑞蓓 trotting over the door said:. “Mother, daughter do not want to, are afraid to come.”
Ms. Xia faint authentic: “How dare you come who will eat you??”
Xia Ruibei whispered: “My daughter impulsive temper, I’m afraid not control emotions, give your mother chaos.”
Scharf who glanced at her: “unable to control emotions in the future you have to learn to control their emotions and impulses, I appreciate your patience, and that someone else who owes you?.??”
Xia Ruibei should muffled cry:. “was” made in Xia Ruixi start, the mother of three with a silent lunch, we sat in the house waiting for news of the shrine there. Things to this point, be sure to have a result of nothing more than to see how many points to be able to ward belongings only.
according to Ms. Xia pass back to inquire who sent the message, leaving powerful shrine there. Nothing more than Xia Dabo first half drunk half awake, then finally sober up, and they heard two-bedroom ward to distinguish things on the property, and using alcohol faking his illness,canada goose jackets, naughty whole day, do not roll over and over their say, and took summer classic Paojiao shout uncle, give him a way out, what the end of their battalion gave him lose clean. Finally, try any person or family bucket of cold water poured him to pay off.
until candlelight, a person elongated neck summer classic was jaded with REnex  k back. Although the matter is finally pulled off, but you can see that he’s very bad mood.
this night, for the entire summer house is destined to be a sleepless night.
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CHAPTER bloom (a)
ward the end result is two-thirds of the public in the area, but also accounted for the ancestral home, on the grounds that they are more than males in this room. They say the old ethnic injustice, but summer classic thinking, preferring to give ward some of these things earlier also involve clean, so Chi Diankui on Chi Diankui Moreover Originally, he wanted to give some ward . Please
summer classic old family who made a witness, the separation of the contract was written, he and Xia Dabo sign papers in front of everyone, it makes Yamen sent to prepare the matter.
two parties agreed to a temporary two-bedroom to not move out, and so after the old lady died, two-bedroom and then move out. Meanwhile, the other two sides from cookstoves, each responsible for all daily expenses, the cost of the old lady over there, the two sides shared equally. Said shared equally between the two sides, in fact, we all know, the great but just talk, the old man is actually two-bedroom possessor. The next thing you want to have a lot of, say, a single distribution is very troublesome servant, who do not want to master mind who people are willing to follow this next room or that room, the trust relationship, looking for favors, there are always say After endless things.
Although things are many and complex, but darn many years and finally pulled clear, Ms. Xia good mood, plus the two-bedroom in the future to live in the house she is already ready, so things are not quite the separation Let her worry, most effort is placed on marriage preparation Xia Ruixi above.
separation of things yet to come to an end, Ouyang Carolina, please sign on the door of the man, the last two of the wedding in the twelfth lunar month XVI. Xia Ruixi one this time, uneasy at the same time secretly funny, marry a wife really is a good New Year yet. Summer is indeed a very happy couple classic, unpleasant of all swept away some time ago, Ms. Xia slaves around the house one by one out of a list of test compared to what people want to accompany Xia Ruixi go and what not to have a stress.
finalized, two girl is dowry behaved girl, the other two rooms they intend to accompany the family. Whether willing or not, in the end, Ms Scharf is man-given Cui Yuancui housekeeper’s two sons Cui Hui, if she keep the Xia Ruixi go, it is the wife had the child’s identity in the past. To determine when
Pei Fang, Xia Ruixi asked what she meant, she cried for a whole hour, but finally decided not to go to Europe to follow Xia Ruixi home. She also has her reasons, previously go home because she wanted Europe aunt, privately Yang 慕欧 four little tight grip, it is now impossible, even after everything from scratch in the past, far better to stay in the summer home, along with the son of the housekeeper’s good to live as decent.
Xia Ruixi exclaimed:. “powerful smart touches you there was a time I though you are not satisfied, but you is always with me for so many years, I still have feelings for you, hoping hello Cui Hui whole person. I have seen, very good, but also very promising for you to follow him to live well. “Cui Hui looks pale and gentle, smart and capable are followed, the key is said that he always liked her beat. Originally thought Ms Xia Ruixi to go along with the European family, he was hopeless, and who knows even want to hear the news that came inside with her beat, his first time to let Cui Yuan to seek summer classic. Ms Xia Ruixi think he should be good, so very happy for the Waner.
Ms Xia Ruixi give her a result Jinzan, a silver earring, a pair of silver bracelets and two satin, bowed to the ground crying: “Miss, you are the future slaves can not serve you to the other side, everything Multi patience, think, live well “again behaved two girl said:” You need to have to serve well, Miss, Miss counsel of those things and more, miss much, you will have a better life. “
Xia Ruixi she cried while sad, had an excuse to first slip, leaving the others in the yard of her beat and one farewell. Ms. Xia watched her beat until being sent Old Woman led away, dare to touch it.
pure child said: “On the surface does not like Ms, Miss, I was actually still a little reluctant to her, right?”
Xia Ruixi said: “This man does Ms biggest bit is clever, the biggest disadvantage is smart she was afraid to die, thought about the good old days, so do some of the things I do not like, but the study of its foundation, she in the end also. What harm did not do my thing. overnight contrast, people of non-vegetation, how can he ruthless?, I just want her to live a good life, this feeling, is the same for you. future I will find one for you two The good marriage. “
good children playing in the side of the sub-network, heard laughing:. “slaves were small then, you want to learn a skill in the Miss side” since she was Xia Ruixi advice, this time a lot of stable, no longer obsessed to curry favor rivalry, most of the time to concentrate on something can stop it.
Xia Ruixi laughed: “You two are now fourteen years old, said to be small, not too little effort fingertips years passed, usually do not do, but also that there is. an intention is also free when a loss. “Here, she can not help but somewhat wistful. She was here, has been a year and a half.
crazy to miss the previous time that the world and the original amount of parents who, to gradually now little remembered, slowly into their world, during gone through a very complex psychological journey. Time, it really changes everything.
“second lady, Mrs. please go to the never ending trip of it.”
door came the sound of the Old Woman, Xia Ruixi busy to clean up the room up, get in the house, just in time for Ms. Xia asked her body: “her body, I will let you follow the above that was how the thing to do? “
her body whispered: “Slaves and you are going to find a chance to say a few days ago, according to the wife of another way of slaves, who actively look for the Chia aunt aunt who previously refusing, then finally relent. , but it is a big opening, “and laughed:.”. Chia The widowed aunt, who really is an interesting child, Miss reading other people’s, surprisingly dry on this dirty money is their own pro-nephew She also earned. “
compared to her body fuss, Ms. Xia disapproval and said:? “What nothing, she was a widow, to raise three children alone, but also for his son to school, had to cobble together a small daughter’s dowry, she does not try anyone She got to go help? she refused to make this money, how do I do this? “
ridicule her body and said:. “That was just a good heart lady she was also too much, more than enough on a good Zhaizi the”
Scharf humanity: “What kind of money every few days to as long as his family did not come to naughty, than anything else, dragged moment is a moment I fear, is the big day hee hee, his family will come?. be naughty. “Regardless Sun Zhao’s condition is stable, had TB, he is destined to live longer than a person, whenever possible, she does not want to marry the Xia Ruibei to Chia.
Ms. Xia thought, said: “This is good, you go, and she said she’s asked me all can agree, even allowing her three sons to David Lu College studying but then, she had to leave that. I moved a good thing to let the words of Hugh Beibei joyous to mention. Chia hub hi, let him go home to buy another two concubines, Beibei less than sixteen years old before, never expect to make Beibei interlude. money then, I’ll pay her 52 gold, things are after, then together with other pay. “
her body crashed away, and Ms. Xia Xia Ruixi side back on track:? “are sometimes heard the man’s way is not necessarily useful, I had also devoted himself only by your father, who knows when it has a wonky, can only rely on yourself. “
Xia Ruixi nodded, and Scharf Talent said: “We went to the kitchen to prepare lunch it today.”
because Ms. Xia anxious to put everything she would have the church Xia Ruixi, so the total pulled Xia Ruixi learning housekeeper, dealing with emergencies. In addition to accompany Ms. Xia Xia Ruixi housekeeper outside, but also to learn how to cook, it can not fall female red calligraphy and poetry, all over like a war every day, too nervous to breathe, but to almost day by day suffer, incomparably looking forward to this day as soon as the end of suffering.
time flies, with twenty-four European home lift dowry came, Xia Ruixi marriage in a tense countdown warm atmosphere.
finally, differing only seven days to Xia Ruixi of marriage, and Ms. Xia also think about it, is no longer in the chase to catch the daily Xia Ruixi learn this and that, let her sleep a day to rest, nurturing the body and skin. Xia Ruixi suddenly idle down, but that are not used, bored occasion to look at the horse to think of the legendary Western horse Jiao month.
REnex  k Relief Ms. Xia dictation room, I heard Xia Ruixi looking for him to see the horse, was very happy. Just got up, it was a ruler Scharf who hit the back of the hand and hit him burning in pain, Wang immediately tears filled her eyes. Ms. Xia sullen and said: “I usually say that how you do not finish, you think to play, you can also make a big deal??”
REnex  k wronged authentic: “I do not think we should get married the sister thing she wanted more time with it I have to actively look for her several times, she did not have time?..” said pumping pumping ride ride up.
Ms. Xia a soft heart, he wanted to go and stood Xia Ruixi play, then I also thought Xia Dabo home three-nothing son, shuddering, still sullen, serious and said: “You are eleven years old now ? also so crybaby? even want and sister for an extended period, they have since the beginning of the first things done the job! this point have no self-control, how can achieve great things in the future? even if you are not family line, but not is a spendthrift! “
REnex  k biting his lips do not speak for Scharf’s words come from the heart, to give birth to anger. He was crying not leave, but to say that he would do a spendthrift, it is absolutely impossible. Although he was younger, but has been able to tell right from wrong, very despise three cousins, determined to do, and they do not like people. If education is not affected by his rebellious childhood parents, he would talk back.
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Chapter XXII flowers (two)
Ms. Xia glancing REnex  k that look, I know he made a stubborn, holding a ruler angrily: “You want to be right in front of me, then I dare you not heard??”
mother and son looked tense look, Xia Ruixi some sorry:. “. Rui  k, you first do something sister these days, plenty of time, waiting for you, and so does not matter more than a moment.”
listen Xia Ruixi say so, sit down REnex  k This continues dictation. Mrs. Xia Ruixi and 拉拉夏 sleeve and whispered advised:. “Mother, brother is sensible, what you take and he said he could not always understand motionless Take the ruler to punish him, although it is for his own good, you can also pay attention haste makes waste, too far. “REnex  k soon enter adolescence, the most rebellious children of this period, the most difficult to clean up, a careless, maybe it will come to naught, be subject to more tolerant, more understanding, more considerate.
Ms. Xia heard, silent child, his face not so ugly, whispered: “I know I was your uncle’s house a few, there are Beibei scared do not always think of jade. cut unawares, he inevitably harsh for some. “
Xia Ruixi holding her arm and whispered:. “I’m always worried about this, worried that the”
Ms. Xia laughed: “I know you’re worried that we are worried that went bad a nice European family, you will not ever be unhappy??”
Xia Ruixi smiled: “I say what thoughts are hiding from your mother.”
Ms. Xia hugs her: “Mother, when it then be unmarried, is the same do not want to marry, want to stay at home and live a good life, but do women always have to hurdle over the side of the road you in the future,. Remember me wants to teach you everything think twice before opening to think about, not impulsive. try to make a moral upright man. But if people come to a bully, do not be too weak, which means to make make out. “
Niang two words to say for a moment, her body holding a stack of books come in, Ms. Xia will sit aside to see the books. Cold weather, Ms. Xia room was charbroiled warm spring, Xia Ruixi smoked against the cage, I just feel warm, eyelids grew heavy, sleepy and sleep in the past. Asked the little girl pure child took a blanket to Xia Ruixi covered, let her sleep.
Ms. Xia reading books, picked up a drawing, it was bought for her dowry spa Xia Ruixi